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Zip Panelling: Sizes & Specifications

 50mm Panels100mm Panels
Four point Bending Test 5.993 kN
Compressive Strength TestConcentric Load173.268 kN
Racking Test (shear Strength test)8.435kN Single20.160kN Double
Weight50mm panel 30kg m2100mm panel 66kg m2
Axial Load Bearing50mm 53kN/m100mm 115kN/m
Sound Transmission (STC)50mm 45db100mm 52db
Fire Resistant (rating)I hour2 hours
Thermal Conductivity (K)50mm 0.491 m2 k/w100mm 0.291 m2 k/w
Surface Flame50mm Class A 
Combustibility TestDeemed non-combustible 
Anchor Test50mm pullout 4.6kNShear Test 7.40k/N
Crowd Pressure Test50mm 2k/N 
Pull down Test250n 
Heavy Weight Anchor Pulldown3kN/m 

Zip Panelling: Construction Time Comparison.

Construction with Zip PanellingTimeConventional ConstructionTime
Ground Floor SlabSameGround Floor SlabSame
Ground Floor Wall Panels2 daysGround Floor Framing2 days
First Floor Panels1 dayFirst Floor Framing3 days
First Floor Wall Panels2 DaysRoof ConstructionSame
Internal LiningsSameWall installation & Insulation2 days
Roof ConstructionSameGround Floor Brickwork8 days
  First Floor Brickwork10 days
  Internal LiningsSame
Make good the site 2 daysMake good the site 4 days
Total7 DAYS 29 DAYS